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“Women are at a greater risk of developing depression in the postpartum period than at any other time in the life cycle”

The Birth of a new baby should be a time of joy, yet all too often these feelings can be shrouded by depression, guilt and despair. Many new mums suffer the unnecessary effects of postnatal depression because they can’t get support or don’t know that their condition is treatable.

There are several factors which may predispose some mums to the likelihood of developing mental health difficulties around the time of having a baby.

These can include the following:-

  • Previous history of mental health problems
  • Domestic abuse/violence
  • Complications in pregnancy/birth
  • Poor attachment to own mother
  • Poor support network
  • Housing/financial worries
  • Expectations not being met

Many depressed mums feel guilty that they can’t cope. This can lead to tensions with family and friends and spiralling feelings of distress. It is important that friends and family spot the signs of postnatal depression and give support to help the mother overcome a serious and sometimes life-threatening illness.

Recent research suggests that fathers also experience postnatal depression with up to 1 in 14 fathers suffering from the condition. The Mental Health Foundation is encouraging any mother or father experiencing difficulties after the birth of a baby to seek help.

Support Groups

We have been working closely with Pentreath an award winning mental health charitable organisation to recruit, train and support volunteers who have been running a fabulously successful support group at the Children’s Centre in Falmouth. 


This group has now come to an end.  From the Angela Harrison Charitable Trust we want to say a big thank you to the volunteers who committed valuable time and energy in setting up and maintaining these support groups to help and inspire the mums involved.

News & events


County Perinatal Services Expand following Funding Boost

After successfully obtaining additional funding from NHS England, the Perinatal Mental Health Service has expanded significantly and is now able to offer a more enhanced service across Cornwall. Mandy Raywood, Specialist Perinatal Team Leader said, “Our target group are women who have a significant mental illness or been identified as at risk of developing one […]

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Exciting Times for the Perinatal Team

The Specialist Perinatal Mental Health Team have been successful in their application to NHS England for additional funding to expand the existing perinatal team. We have recently shortlisted 5 candidates for interview for 2 band 6 Specialist Perinatal Mental Health Nurse posts and will be interviewing just before Christmas. We will also be advertising for […]

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